Merseyside Child Minding

With Jacqui Fleetwood

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Planned activities summer 2011

Forthcoming activities planned for the children during the summer holidays.

Week beginning 8th August:
This week the children are looking forward to some more trips and adventures.
The children will be off to Daresbury Woolton Park were they will have chance to see some more animals and go through the park and woodland looking for minibeasts.
The children will also get to experience seeing different types of ducks and ducklings as we visit Martin Mere wetlands trust.

Week beginning 15th August:
The children will get different experiences this week as we have a new child will becoming to join us to play. We are also off to the Dream at Sutton Manor where the children can stretch their legs on the walk upto the point. Along with a visit to Croxteth Hall Park.

Week beginning 22nd August:
The children are looking forward to a visit to Windermere Wild animal Park where they hope to be able to feed some bigger animals like Penguins and Giraffes. Along with a visit to Childwall Woods to go on a bear hunt.

Week beginning 29th August:
The children will be spending time getting ready for starting school and nursery so we will be doing activities around uniform, teachers names, talking about what may happen and about the changes they may experience throughout this time of change, along with visits to outside the school and nursery they will be attending, in the hope to make the transition a smooth one for them and their families.