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Week beginning 12th September 2011

Monday 12th September
Today saw another child take the next step in there development by starting Nursery School. They were very excited when they returned to us after the morning session, showing us their uniform and telling us about the things they had been upto. In the afternoon we took it easy as we were feeling a bit tired after all the excitement, so we had some television time and free play.

Tuesday 13th September
Today we all took the children to school and nursery, on our return we had outdoor play and free >play indoor. We also enjoyed a visit from a young child and their mum having a look around to see if they wish their child to come to play, they will be back next week with dad for a look around. In the afternoon we talked about the experiences the children were encountering in their new settings and continued our free play sessions, aclimatizing to nursery and childminding settings.

Wednesday 14th September
Today we settled a child back in after a long holiday and had ball and sensory play equipment out to enjoy. We played with the kitchen making meals for each other, writing menus and taking orders from the customers, before going to prepare the food and serving it. Remembering our manners please and thank you.

Thursday 15th September
After school run we were off to childminder drop in, which is held in Anfield Children’s Centre, today was a free play session as everyone settles back into routine. In the afternoon we were on the bus into town to the Pier Head to see the Queen Mary 2 which was docked there. The children enjoyed this and couldn’t get over the size of the vessel. One of the children wanted to get on the vessel and go for a cruise down the River Mersey like we do on the Mersey ferry sometimes.

Friday 16th September
We went to Newsham Park to see the ducks. We had another visitor come to have a look around and filled in some forms as they will be starting with us on Monday, we gave them a warm welcome.


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