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Week beginning 19th September 2011

Monday 19th September
Today saw the start of another busy week. We started off at Breck Road Library taking part in Jingle Jangles. The children enjoyed the craft activity, story and the songs and rhymes to end the session. In the afternoon we started to look at National Dog week, so we looked at different pictures of dogs and talked about how they were different and the size of the different dogs grouping all the small dogs together and the big ones together. After school we welcomed a new child who has come to join us a few days a week.

Tuesday 20th September
The children and I went to Tuebrook Children’s Centre for the stay and play session followed by story sack and Rhyme time. The children enjoyed playing in the water and sand pit, during the rhyme time they got to pick a nursey rhyme character out of the bag for us all to sing.
The afternoon we had a visitor come to see if they would like their child to come and join us to play, they signed up so next week we all have a new friend to play, we gave them and their family a warm welcome. Following there visit to Tuebrook Children’s Centre the children continued to look at dogs. We looked at working dogs, police dogs and guide dogs for the blind.
After school we started to make Spot the dog placemats for the dining table.

Wednesday 21st September
Today we had a visit from a newly registered childminder who lives close by. We gave her a warm welcome and wished her well in starting her business. The children enjoyed a trip to the Yellow Sub, a soft play area were they could let of steam and use a lot of physical motion in climbing equipment, playing football and going down bumpy slides to name a few things.
The afternoon was spent quietly as the children were worn out from the mornings physical activities. We had free play for the children with any energy left.

Thursday 22nd September

We went to Anfield Children’s Centre for the Childminder Drop in. Today saw the last day of the childminder co-ordinator due to the government cuts this role is now no longer available, but the network will continue with the childminders running this session on a termly basis.
The afternoon we went of for a relaxinng session in the sensory room at Anfield Children’s Centre watching the lights and listening to some calm, quiet, relaxing music along with playing some musical instruments.

Friday 23rd September
Quiet morning children all at nursery and school. After school we will be going to Newsham Park to collect conkers to do maths activities over the coming few weeks. We aim to continue National Dog week next week as the children have enjoyed doing the activities and have asked if they can do some more dog things. So we are looking forward to making door hangings and the story sack Winnie Wagtail by Neil Giffiths and more stories of Spot the Dog along with other activities.


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