Merseyside Child Minding

With Jacqui Fleetwood

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Week beginning 29th August

Monday 29th August
Closed with it being Bank Holiday

Tuesday 30th August
We spent a little while talking about school and school uniforms trying to prepare the children for going to reception and nursery next week.
In the afternoon we went upto Breck Road library and had story time. We picked some new books to take back to our setting to read at a later date.

Wednesday 31st August
Following our trip last week to Windermere Wild Animal park the children and I talked about the animals we had seen and looked at the photographs we had taken followed by some animal mask making.

Thursday 1st September
The children asked if they could stay in and play with the train track along with some computer games.

Friday 2nd September
No children in today. I have spent part of today looking at Autumn activities and safety, ready for next week. With it being children’s safety week along with the children starting, or returning to school.


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