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Week beginning 5th September 2011

Monday 5th September
The day before some of the children start school again after the summer holidays. We talked about what would be happening over the next few weeks with different children starting new schools and nurseries and we looked at the uniform they may wear. We followed this with a trip out to Liverpool City Centre to the Art Gallery, the children enjoyed looking at the different costumes in the childrens art area and they did some pictures. We then took a small walk down William Brown Street to the museum where we went to the picnic area for lunch followed by a look around. The children enjoyed the hands on exhibition of the eye, we followed this with some quiet time in the library for a story before going back home.

Tuesday 6th September
Today saw one of the children go to reception for the first time, they asked if we could all take them so we did. It was also good practice for the children who will be going to nursery soon to see the morning practice and to experience what will happen when its there turn. We returned back to the setting to talk about what had just happened followed by free play. The reception child was picked up at lunch time. The afternoon saw us all of to Gym tots in Anfield Sports Centre, the children had a good time on the soft play equipment.

Wednesday 7th September
After school drop off we made our way up to Breck Road library to change our childminding books that we borrowed and to select some new ones. Followed by school pick up, free play and the children talking about there new experiences.

Thursday 8th September
After school run we followed this up with a puddle hunt and a splashing time was had in and out of the puddles in Stanley Park. In the afternoon we made books about starting school as to who our teacher is, or would be and what they had done at school or what they hoped to do in school.

Friday 9th September
Saw us finishing of our “starting school books” and some keeping safe activities, eg about putting on our seat belts in the car. We talked about who would be taking them to school and picking them up covering on a light note about stranger danger along with free play.


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