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Week beginning 10th October 2011

Monday 10th October
Today the children looked at Autumn leaves and talked about the different colours we can see on the leaves and how bare the trees now look. We went for a walk to Newsham park for the children to visually see the changes we talked about. When we got back the children looked at some different craft leaves made out of funky foam and felt. We had a go at putting the leaves in size order followed by making a leaf collage.

Tuesday 11th October
Today we stayed in and welcomed a new child to the setting, we gave a warm welcome to the family. We had free play and time for the children to get to know each other and find out where things go.

Wednesday 12th October
This morning the children looked at stained glass windows and went on a local walk to see if we could find any stained glass windows. In the afternoon the children had a go at making stained glass windows with circular card and shapes cut out covered with coloured tissue paper. They are up at the window and we can see the light shining through them.

Thursday 13th October
At the Childminder drop in this morning the children took part in printing Autumn pictures, colouring and drawing with Autumn colours. Some of the children then went to the local school and took part in signing choir Ain’t no mountian high enough and lean on me. After lunch the children enjoyed making 3d Autumn trees and stuck on funky foam leaves. Both the children and their parents enjoyed this activity.

Friday 14th October
We went on another Autumn walk today in Stanley Park, the children are becoming increasingly aware of the changing colour of leaves and what is happening to the trees. The afternoon we spent a bit of time counting leaves and sorting them by colour.


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