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Week beginning 26th September 2011

Monday 26th September
Today we welcomed a new child to come and play. We had a quiet day settling in getting to know each other and each others routines. We used the conkers we collected last week to do some number games and activities. We ended the day with a trip to Richmond Park to play on the large play equipment.

Tuesday 27th September
Today we looked at some sounds and played some board games as we practiced some sounds we know. Followed by some speech therapy activities with some of the children, whilst playing Dotty Dinosaurs. We also used the number line out the back to practice putting our numbers in the correct order from 0-10, along with playing outdoors and enjoying the rest of this lovely weather.

Wednesday 28th September

This morning we made jelly. We looked and talked about the feel of the jelly and watched the jelly change from a solid to a liquid and about it setting. In the afternoon we enjoyed outdoor play with the bubbles in the lovely sunshine. After school we went to Gymnastics at Anfield Sports and Community Centre.

Thursday 29th September
This morning we went to Childminder network and made angel delight for snack. We also played with our other childminding friends, we then went to signing choir in the local school. After lunch we went for a walk in Stanley Park to collect Autumn leaves for tomorrows activities.

Friday 30th September
Today we spent quite a bit of time looking at the Autumn leaves we had collected yesterday, observing the colours and talking about them and how the leaves felt crispy, and made a noise as we moved our hands in the tray with them. We discussed the change in the colours, about Autumn and we shared some books about Autumn and hibernation.


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