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Week beginning 3rd October 2011

Monday 3rd October
Today saw us having free play and some observations were completed. We enjoyed playing Dotty Dinosaurs looking at our shapes and colours followed up with a game of I spy within the house, trying to find set colours and shapes, we all enjoyed this activity. We had a trip Richmond Park still enjoying the mild weather and the opportunity to appreciate the outdoor environment where we live.

Tuesday 4th October
This morning was very quiet, no children, they were all of enjoying school and nursery. In the afternoon we talked about our different experiences we had enjoyed in nursery that morning as we have a few schools that the children attend. We followed this with some conker counting and ordering by size.

Wednesday 5th October
Again the children were all of enjoying nursery and school. In the afternoon we had our usual talk about the morning apart. We had a visit from a young child looking for a place with us, or elsewhere. They came with their parents to have a look around and a chat to find out more about us. The children had fun playing outside on the cars and counting the pine cones.

Thursday 6th October
Today we went to the Anfield childminders network meeting where the children enjoyed threading activities and playing among their friends. We followed this by going to signing choir in the local school and we are learning the signs to Ain’t no Mountain high enough. The afternoon went very quickly as we celebrated one of the childrens birthdays with a small party. We wished them a Happy Birthday.
Friday 7th October
Today saw us ordering number 0-10 and placing the correct amount of conkers in the correct tub. We had fun dressing up as Buzz Lightyear and Tigger and enjoyed a visit from another child who will be joining us next week. A warm welcome goes out to them and their family.


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