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Weeks 17th October-7th November 2011

The last four weeks have been very busy.

Week of 17th October 2011

This week saw us enjoying the Autumn season, we made 3d trees and looked at the colours and different sizes of leaves. We sorted the leaves out via colour and size, then decided which ones we wanted to put on our trees. Both the children and parents were pleased with the results, the trees looked fantastic.
We also welcomed a new child to the setting and gave a warm welcome to the whole family. We made banana cakes, visited the Breck Road library, followed by messy play. We made gloop with cornflour and water where the children enjoyed getting all messy, even the babies had a dabble in the gloop, they weren’t to sure what to make of it though!
We went to join a local school for their harvest festival at Christ Church Walton Breck. The children put on a lovely service and we look forward to the Christmas one soon to follow.

Week of 24th October 2011
Another busy week with half term. This week we aimed to get out and about with the children more, as less clock watching for school pick ups. We started the week with a visit to Liverpool City Centre going to the Museum and Library. The children had a lovely time looking at the exhibits and choosing books within the library and colouring in pictures of Dinosaurs, as the museum has a dinosaur exhibit on at the moment. We followed this with a stay at home day and role play mixing, interacting and involving everyone who wanted to take part.
On the Wednesday we went to see one of the children taking their BRSA grade 1, they passed and everyone was very proud of them and as a treat we went off to Martin Mere afterwards. After all the excitement of Wednesday, Thursday was a quiet one where the children stayed in, or played out in the back and we looked at numbers. We played number games like bingo, putting the correct number of objects in the correct tub, and had a go at writing some numbers.
Friday was a lovely day for this time of year and it seemed a waste not to get out and about so we set off to Moore Nature Reserve. The children put on their snow gear suits, wellies or walking boots and set off on a 2 mile walk. They each had a map, which they followed showing us the way to go. On route they spotted birds and ducks counting how long some of them stayed under water for. They spotted the hide to watch the ducks from and enjoyed a picnic lunch over looking Moore lake.

Week of 31st October 2011
Monday saw the children still off due to staff training and another nice day. We packed up the cars and set off for a lovely day at Walton Park, Daresbury, Warrington. We went to the lake first and enjoyed the mini waterfall and the lovely colours of the leaves on the trees over the lake. We all then went for a walk further into the park and enjoyed the large leaves and different colours we could find. The children had a picnic lunch on the park bench followed by hugging a tree to see how many children it took to join hands around the tree trunk. The children started to collect acorns, which the children used when we got back for counting activities. The children visited the zoo and the younger children had a go at naming the animals, the older children looked at the signs and copied the sign language on the board in how to sign the animal they had spotted in the field. We talked about wether the animals were big or small.
The following day we had a quiet morning followed by a visit to Newsham Park where the children watched a family of squirrels chasing each other. The following few days we talked about fire safety, fireworks and the noises and colours they may see, along with making some firework pictures.

Week of 7th November
We talked about the fireworks and displays the children had been to followed by outdoor play. Tuesday the children made shopping lists and took them to the fruit and vegetable shop to order the fruit and vegetables for the coming week. We have enjoyed playing maths games sizing different straws, bingo, snap and counting activities. We have looked at road safety talking about the green and red man and explaining the difference between them and what they mean. Towards the end of the week we started looking at poppies and talking about Remembrance Day, the children have taken part in making poppies using different medias.

Week of 14th November 2011
The children are looking forward to being spotty this week to join in the celebrations of children in need. We will be making pudsey face masks, spotty tee-shirts and spotty art and craft activities.


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