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Weeks of 14th November and 21th November 2011

The past two weeks have seen us being very busy:
Week beginning 14th November
Today saw us playing with the cars and the garage talking about first, second, third and last and the different types of transport.

Tuesday 15th November
Today we started looking at spots as part of Children in Need we are designing our own tee-shirts with different sizes of spots and colours, we shall be looking at spots and colours throughout the rest of the week, the children have gone spotty.

Wednesday 16th November
We continued to colour in our tee shirts with coloured spots and made Pudsey Bear masks, the children are having a great spotty time when we are out and about they are spotting circles.

Thursday 17th November
This morning we went to Childminder network where the children enjoyed doing a circle collage using circles of different textures and sizes. We talked about how the circles felt and the size, whether it was a big circle, or a small one. In the afternoon we decorated frisbees continuing the circle theme and the stickers we used to decorate them were also circular smiley faces.

Friday 18th November

We continued looking for circles when out and about and followed it with lunch. This was sandwiches cut into circles, cucumber and carrot circles, followed with a treat of chocolate cake with smarties on the top.

The week of 21st November is Road safety week the children have had a great time learning about road safety and how to cross the road.

Monday 21st November
Today we started talking about road safety and how we cross the road. We looked at some posters about road crossings and the children recognised the traffic lights as we use the lights each day when we go to school. So taking that as the lead for the day we looked at the green and red man and talked about what they mean, about stop and go and played a stop and go red and green game. Following on from this we built towers using the red and green bricks and made some red and green collage circles to hold up when playing the stop and go game.

Tuesday 22nd November
We went on a local walk to spot traffic lights and to practice crossing the road, we wore our high visability jackets and pushed the button and waited for the green man before crossing the road. When we returned to the childminder setting we made our own traffic lights by collaging circles in red, yellow and green and sticking them onto black paper they looked very effective and the children enjoyed doing them.

Wednesday 23rd November
Today saw us moving on to another type of crossing, the zebra crossing. We took the children to Asda Breck Road and in a far corner away from the traffic we let the children practise crossing the road (zebra crossing markings printed on the car park) in their high visability jackets and looking left and right. The children enjoyed crossing the road, and this was followed by painting zebra crossings on our return to the childminder house. We also played with the small world animals which consisted of zebras and other animals.

Thursday 24th November
This morning saw us at the childminder network where the activity planned was looking at winter and snowflakes. On our return our focus returned to the road and holding hands to keep safe when out and about, especially near roads. We drew around the childminders hand then hand painted our own hands inside the childminders to represent holding hands and keeping safe.

Friday 25th November
We rounded off the week by going on a walk putting into practice all we had learned throughout the week. When walking near roads we held hands, or onto the pram and we stopped at the kerb and looked to check for safety before crossing over. When using traffic lights we waited for the green man and ensured the traffic had stopped before we crossed.

The next few weeks are going to be very busy as we will be building upto Christmas. We have a variety of things planned things to make and trips out as there is quite a bit on in Liverpool City Centre over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on my facebook page to catch up with our activities what we have been upto and I will update web site as soon as we can.


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