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What a busy time we have had over the past few weeks.

Week of 02.01.12
We welcomed everyone back after the Christmas New year break. We went for a walk in the park, enjoyed childminder network and meeting up with our childminder friends.
We have played some games, number bingo, matching socks and long and short straws which enhanes the children’s maths skills. The children have also enjoyed lots of physical activities, mainly in the yellow sub climbing obstacles, playing football and going on the big slides.

Week of 09.01.12
We enjoyed Jingle Jangles in Breck Road library. We looked at books about the weather, on our return to the setting we used foam stickers and made weather collage pictures.
We went to Musical Minis and learnt about shakers, followed by some of us going to Gym tots. We have enjoyed getting outside on the bikes and pushalongs, also lots of story and rhyme times we also said goodbye to one of our friends as they moved house and we wish them well.

Week of 16.01.12
This week we have had lots of fun painting snowy scenes using paint and glitter to make our pictures sparkly.
In Musical Minis we looked at drums and stayed for story sacks, which took place in the sensory room. The children loved the coloured bubble lamp.
We have celebrated Martin Luther King Day by doing a couple of craft activities with hand prints and Chinese New Year where the children enjoyed making masks and dancing dargons.

Week of 23.01.12
This week we finished off our Chinese new Year celebrations and had a Chinese meal for lunch. We used chopsticks to eat lunch. We also celebrated Australia Day by making a kangaroo hand puppet.
We have been talking about moving house and a visit to the dentist as this links into onw of the issues a child is facing at the moment. In childminder network we looked at the seasons and cut out winter clothes, hat, scarf, coat etc, we also compared winter and summer clothes.


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