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Another busy four weeks have passed

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine

Week beginning 13 February 2012
This week has been extremely busy with it being half term. The children have had a great time playing with the dinosaurs in the small world. We made a small dinosaur land with lentil, bark and a few twigs from the trees, the children really enjoyed this and the role play from it was amazing. We followed this with a trip to Martin Mere spotting the different ducks and counting how long some of them stayed under water for.
We have enjoyed the lovely warm weather and went to the park and played on the slide. We talked about love and being kind to each other and made some valentines love cards for our parents and people we love and care about. We went to watch one of the children in a horse show in Lydiate.
To round of the week we took the children to Llangollen Steam Railway to see Thomas the Tank Engine. The children enjoyed having a ride on him and his friends. The children had a very good day where they met the fat controller, saw a puppet show and had many rides on Thomas the tank. The childminded children still talk about Thomas the tank engine weeks after the event.
Week beginning 20 February 2012
The children visited Rice Lane City Farm and found some lovely long branches off the trees and made them into walking sticks to help them walk around the grounds of the farm. We also celebrated Pancake Day and made pancakes out of card and a frying pan then had a pancake toss mini relay. We also went to childminder network and played with all our childminded friends. We went on a circle walk in the local area and the children found lots of circles and they used the camera to capture this learning experience.
We started to look at books we liked to read and the pictures in them getting ready for national book week. We visited Breck Road library and selected a few books to take back to the setting to help us in our thoughts. We also celebrated one of the children’s birthdays this week, happy birthday to them.
Week beginning 27th February 2012
The children have been using scissors to practice their cutting skills, they have all enjoyed working on making their own books and looking at nursery rhymes throughout the week. We celebrated another birthday for one of the children, and attended the Anfield childminder network where the children played with the kitchen and made meals for our friends at the network.
Week beginning 5 March 2012
This week has seen us finishing off our Nursery Rhyme books. We have been busy playing with the foam mats with the alphabet and numbers on, putting the numbers in order 0-10 and finding the letters we have in our name and any others that we may know. We have enjoyed group games like snap with the animal cards and dotty dinosaurs matching the colour then the shapes. The children have also enjoyed playing with the magnets and the magnetic bugs . We have been looking at colours and collaged a red apple and talked about red meaning danger when out on the roads.


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